Monday, September 13, 2010

Posponed Lessons from Ramadan 1

Lesson #7: Never underestimate your bag; my nike bag in this case even if you are standing beside lots of women in Taraweeh prayers while each one of those is wearing a LV ,Burberry,Longchamp bag.
I thought my bag felt shy to be beside all these bags, average price of one is 600$. Just for my knowledge, do you think they are the original or just fake ?

Lesson #8:When Ramadan is approaching,make a strategy and decide,whether this month is for inviting ppl over, preparing fetar and sohour for them or dedicate this to worship only.
I had a confusion abut this and decided that I can postpone all the social gatherings except for close relatives to after Ramadan.
My day was like this arrive work @ 8, work finish @ 3pm to home, prepare the food and sleep till the sunset, eat then off to Taraweeh prayers which starts at about 8:15 pm and ends at 10:30, nevertheless the time taken from home to the mosque which is 15 minutes to go but on my way back it may take an hour or more.When arriving home prepare for next day's food and today's sohour. I will be a fool if I decided to burden myslef with gatherings ,taking into consideration that the year is 365 days and Ramadan is 30 days, so how come you leave the 335 days without any social events and stuck them all to this month ? I forgot to mention how busy the streets were in Cairo and especially in Ramadan and having all my relatives living in the other side of the country made this a smart choice.