Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Big Thank you to my friend ...

Let me first tell you about my friend Yasmine.

We used to live in the same building long time ago in Kuwait,but after this
she left to Scotland and we used to write to each other.

Havent seen her in years or even talked but thanks to Facebook ,I was
able to find her again and so getting to know her blog, which was inspiring to me to learn many home related activities and one of them was learning to crochet.

I went to a crochet course for 2 times 2 hours per time and I was on the crochet way ,used youtube nevertheless

To you Yasmine..this is my first crochet-wool scarf for a baby.

P.S. Excuse my photography ;)


  1. I am flattered. :-)
    Can't wait to read more posts and see more of your stuff.

    I love the color of the scarf. Who is the lucky baby?

  2. nice
    lucky baby katkoot ;)
    n nice photos too :)

  3. katkoota w 7elwa w amoura :)

  4. liked the scarf ya tito:) and the clever photographing too.

    I was so excited to c someone i know is interested in crochet as i bought a teach ur self kit lately and gave it a start. I used to think that crochet is for bored old ladies till i saw this wonderful kit with its brightful colors. i am still a beginner so felt more enthusiastic to finish up the little things i started when i saw ur work..

    thx for sharing..