Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Discomfort Zone

I had this thought about what will make someone move from a stable job to find another one or even stay at this stable job and try to find another unstable one.Triggered by the video from TEDxCairo, I thought I should rethink and even if I never start now, at least I should keep notes of all the ideas I think are worth being my own business.

A couple of weeks ago, I made a trial of my catering idea. One of my friends is giving parenting lectures for new moms or moms to be, I knew these lectures were once a week. I called her once and asked if they serve any refreshments during these seminars and the answer was yes,so I was straight and forward,can I be responsible for offering you my homemade refreshments and she was thrilled to hear this.
Iam now responsible,its tuesday and the refreshments should be delivered on sunday,5 days to go.

Nevertheless,tuesday was my friend's husbnd's birthday and she did ask me for a cake on the same day.I had to prepare the cake and the order for sunday.
As aggreed,the ladies attending ought to be 12 and the following was requested :

1-25 mini pizzas
2-12 choclate cupcakes
3-12 dates cupcakes
4-cheee patte

I prepared the pizza dough on Wednesday and thought I shall I bake it saturday just to keep them as fresh as possible.The cupcakes shall be done on saturday too.Then came Saturday, I stayed working for 12 hours to get all these ready, slept for very few hours but it worth :). Having delivered the order the next day, I had great comments from the ladies and my friend's mother wasnted to make some propaganda for me but I did stop her coz I was too shy ;).One of them ordered some more choclate cupcakes just to be ready anytime I go to Maadi .

Experiencing such thing was such a shift in my life, I seriously want to start my own project.Would love if all people can have the oppurtunity to eat healthy even if these are refreshments and even if it does contain some sweets. Iam also fond of using special ingredients mentioned in Qor2an or recommended by Prophet Mohammad,peace be upon him, such as ginger which really acts as a natural antidepressant.

Hearing the TEDTalk,I kept on thinking if I can ever have this virtue of stepping to my discomfort zone out of my comfort one and start my own legacy .

I hope I can have the chance to achieve this,so have you ever thought of anything similar ?

P.S. Will post the cake's picture once i get it uploaded.
Can someone advise how can I attach a video from youtube ?


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  2. Take the step ... it is only one step, but will change everything ... go sameha go!

  3. Sameha .. Walk the talk :) .. It is time !