Monday, July 12, 2010

My first Amigurumi Bear

Iam sick, suffering from a strange flu in July, since Friday so I stayed at home and only went out once on Friday to have some lunch I wanted to drink hot soup and bcoz of my flu wasnt able to cook. We had our lunch , my husband and I , then we stayed for a couple of hours to relax.We then went home and I took my medicine and went to sleep , hoping that the next day I will be ok. Then saturday came and its getting worse, so I started thinking outside the box to entertain me at home, it seems I wil be stuck here more :) I was looking forward to crochet my first amigurumi since my last post was abut Japan and this is a well know Japanese art.

I googled and found this, didnt follow the pattern , made it a little shorter. Let me share it and share my edited pattern.

My Editted Pattern:
1-Made Front and Back the same colour.
2-Chained 25 and folded it, making the front and back.
3-The length of the body instead of 12 cm made it 8 cm.
I couldnt find any buttons for the eyes ,mouth or nose so this is wht I did:
  • Eyes: Chain 4, sc in first stitch from the hook, then sc 6 in this same first stitch then close, u will get a small circle which I used for the eyes.
  • Mouth: Chained 4 then fasten it off and fix to be the mouth.
  • Nose:Made one stitch for this.

    The Original Pattern can be viewed as below :
  • Original Pattern

Lesson#5:Crochet is such a blessing, it makes my sickness and stay at home, extremely fun.


  1. hi ya o7'ty ya mareeda :)

    nice estafada ya dma3' enta

    2lby m3ak ya ra2ed wenta mabetwenesh

    bas kamela 7'ales el amigo el so3'antoot da .. 7'osoosan a7'er sora we howa mobtasem

    i tried to log the site to c the original version bs l2eto 3awez sign up we film kda fnafdt

    72e2y b3d el scarf bta3et el katkoot 7'atwa hayla el baby amigo .. rabena y7'leeky lil ka2enat el nonna

    a7'ooky el so3'anoon

  2. :)
    not ur flu i mean the amigo
    alf salama